The HeartStrings
Suzuki Strings Music School

A nurturing, holistic approach to music that increases the joys and the successes

Where Love is Deep,
Much can be Accomplished.
~ Shinichi Suzuki

Our mission:
is to bring about an increased awareness of the great potential and talent that is innate within every child at birth, and to encourage support of these talents within our communities. As teachers and parents, through the study of music, we cultivate children's talent to learn and to love. We seek to inspire our children's ability to share their musical and human talents with the world.

In the Suzuki tradition, we encourage a nurturing environment for all children. This began with one humanitarian's revolutionary ideas about learning music, and has expanded into an enlightened global view of our youth and their potential. We recognize that all children can learn to play and/or appreciate beautiful music.

Our higher goal is to cultivate better citizens as a whole. To accomplish this, we utilize the Suzuki Philosophy, and any additional quality resources. We encourage communication and cooperation amongst organizations, communities, and individual citizens, insuring the success of each and every one of our children.

Our children are the future;
the greater the love we give,
the greater our world

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