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Getting Started
● Text Lisa Miles to set up online Zoom Meet & Greet

● Measure to left arm, neck to palm, to determine violin size
Sizing Violins

● Rent-to-own violins average $20-25 a month. Perfection pegs make tuning at home easier.
Good quality violins, fresh strings and horsehair on the bow, & clear resonant-tone intruments are essential.
Petr's Violins & Guitars in Anchorage, AK
and Telford & Sons Violins & Pianos in Boise, Idaho are the best west coast luthiers that offer rentals.

● Purchase the recommended Suzuki music from above string instrument shops, or order online at
Shar Music

● Download Suzuki recordings and start daily listening
Audio Downloads

● Set up weekly lesson meeting time for the semester

● If you need reiumbursement & financial help from your school district:
Alaska public homeschool programs have alotments for curriculum; funds are available each year for any secular subject teacher you choose. Families can choose instructors and have lessons reimbursed, or paid for directly, by their chosen school district. HeartStrings is a registered vendor for IDEA & Raven, and can be for Frontier, ASD, JSD, etc. or any program of your choice.
Make sure music is included in your Individual Learning Plan, and that instructor's vendor paperwork is filled for curriculum and instruction reimbursements for your district.
Violin lessons are scheduled by semester and paid by the month, $100, for weekly 1/2 hour music instruction and support. Longer lessons can also be arranged, and the instructor is just a text message away to answer any questions.

● A folding music stand, notebook exclusive for music lesson assignments, pencils etc. are helpful materials.

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